Our VoIP Service

Global Communication Networks LLC (GCN) offers VoIP services for wholesale voice and SMS communication.

Wholesale Voice Services

Explore our wholesale Voice services for cost-effective and reliable communication solutions for your business.

SMS Communication Solutions

Enhance your messaging capabilities with our SMS communication solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Wholesale Traffic

Call Center(CC) traffic refers to the transit of international phone calls through a country's network, CLI traffic refers to calls where the Caller ID is displayed accurately. On the other hand, NCLI traffic refers to calls where the Caller ID is manipulated or not displayed at all. Both types of traffic are crucial for telecom operators as they directly impact revenue and network efficiency. CC traffic ensures seamless connectivity between different countries and helps facilitate global communication. CLI traffic enhances customer experience by providing accurate Caller ID information, resulting in increased trust and improved call quality. NCLI traffic, although not displaying the Caller ID, can still be cost-effective for certain business models. Overall, understanding and managing these different types of traffic is vital for telecom operators to optimize their services and maximize their profitability.

We also offer Wholesale and CC traffic worldwide

• Coverage: Worldwide (A to Z)
• High ACD
• High ASR
• High-quality routes, (CLI not guaranteed)

NOC Support

GCN technical support is available 24×7 via email or during phone during our normal business hours. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors all of our equipment to ensure that all of our services are up and running 24×7.

  • Flexible payment terms depending on business case

  • Always Updated rates

  • Weekly push list based on best selling routes

  • Quick response and resolution to all trouble tickets

  • Real time monitoring of quality parameters

  • Proactive daily tests for quality assurance

SMS service, OTP and voice message service are essential tools in today's digital world. SMS service allows instant communication through text messages, enabling businesses to reach their customers efficiently. On the other hand, OTP service provides an extra layer of security by generating one-time passwords, ensuring secure access to various online platforms. Both these services play a significant role in enhancing communication, facilitating quick transactions, and maintaining a secure online environment. Whether it's sending important notifications or verifying user identities, SMS, OTP and voice message services are indispensable in the modern era.

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